Paula Paredes a Business Success Story

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One of the best of joining the ATAX franchise systems is working alongside motivated individuals with inspiring journeys to business ownership.

Paula Paredes, who owns ATAX of Allenstown, Pennsylvania, fits the bill. Overcoming massive roadblocks to become an ATAX franchisee, Paula’s dedication to providing her home town a reliable, affordable tax preparation business has set the stage for a successful future with ATAX.

After immigrating from the Dominican Republic several years ago to provide better economic opportunities for her children, Paula, who had a background in managerial office work, began working in factories in the U.S. because she didn’t speak much English. With the support of her husband and daughter, Paula got out of factory work, learned English and joined the ATAX franchise system to realize her dream of becoming a business owner.

Rafael Alvarez, founder, CEO and president of ATAX, was extremely helpful. We’re both Dominican immigrants and relate very well to each other. In fact, my husband and daughter often refer to me as the Rafael of Allentown, or Rafaela sometimes. In my own mind, I knew that if Rafael could do it, I could do it too.”

Now, five years in, Paula and her office are in growth mode – continuing to expand her existing office’s client base as well as pursuing a second location in Allenstown. The future is bright for Paula and her team.

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