Have You Tried These Easy-to-Use IRS Online Tools?


Taxes can be confusing, and advice from friends and family isn’t always reliable. Luckily, the IRS has put together many online tools that are easy to use.

 Did you know you can e-file your tax return for free, check your refund’s status and get your tax questions answered hassle-free online? Here are some popular self-help tools that will make doing your taxes exponentially less stressful:
  • IRS Free File
  • Where’s My Refund?
  • Direct Pay
  • Online Payment Agreement
  • Withholding Calculator
  • Interactive Tax Assistant
  • IRS Select Check
  • Tax Map

Additionally, the IRS has a series of helpful YouTube videos and Podcasts available in English, Spanish and ASL where available.

Click here  o visit the IRS site and check out these interactive and easy-to-use tools to make taxes easier. 

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